Driver FAQs

What types of device do I need to have to run the Jabi Driver app?

To drive with Jabi, you need to have an Android or iOS smart device. The iOS version should be 7.0 or later and the Android version should be 4.0 or later.

Do I need to register to drive with Jabi? Does registration cost anything?

Yes, Drivers and Fleet Owners must be approved by JabiCar LLC. All drivers on JabiCar are professional drivers with proper licenses, permits, and commercially-insured vehicles. There is no charge to sign up as a Jabi driver or Fleet Owner.

What is the difference between a “Fleet Owner” and a “Individual Driver”?

Fleet Owners currently own or operate their own one or more properly permitted, licensed, and commercially-insured “For Hire” vehicles. Most independent operators are either owner/operators or are authorized to operate their vehicle by an authorized and commercially-insured passenger motor carrier. If you legally operate a properly permitted, licensed, and commercially-insured vehicle, you would be classified as a “Fleet Owner” whether you own/operate one car or a hundred. As a “Fleet Owner”, you will be requested to upload (or email us) all of your relevant documents as part of our compliance program.

Individual Drivers typically do not own or operate their own vehicle, but typically work or operate a vehicle for a company that is a Jabi “Fleet Owner”.

Can I work when I want to?

Yes, once you are approved, you can log on to the Jabi Driver app, select your car’s license plate in the app, and mark yourself as “Available”. While available, you may be requested for trips by passengers near to your location. These trips may either be “NOW” trips or “RESERVATION” trips. If it is a RESERVATION trip, you’ll have 20 minutes notice to arrive at the client’s pickup location. If it is a NOW trip, you are expected to quickly and safely arrive at the pickup location as soon as possible.

You’ll have 20 seconds to accept a ride dispatched to you. If you do not accept the request, the next closest driver will be requested and you will miss that trip opportunity.
As an independent contractor to JabiCar, you are not required to work any particular schedule or minimum number of hours and you are not required to accept any trips for which you are requested.

How does the customer pay for the trip?

Jabi automatically collects the fare from the passengers credit card at the conclusion of the trip when you, the driver, selects “Stored Card” on the app. If for some reason the charge does not go through, you may accept an alternative credit card from the passenger to settle the fare. It is your responsibility to make sure the trip is settled at the end of the trip.

How does Jabi get paid?

Jabi takes a commission of the “total fare” and a $2.00 “Tech Fee” that the passenger pays for each trip. Jabi conveniently remits your net fare balance to you weekly via direct deposit to your bank checking account.

Do I get tips?

Yes. Though tips are optional and at the discretion of the passenger, Jabi clients set up a default tip rate in their profile to be added to their Jabi fares. The tip amount is added to the clients charge and itemized in their receipt and it becomes part of the Jabi “total fare”.

Does the app have turn-by-turn navigation built-in?

Yes it does. With the destination address entered, the Jabi Driver app will guide you to your destination. Make sure you have the correct destination entered.

Can I cancel trips after I accept it?

Yes, if you must cancel a trip request after you accept, you may cancel it. You will be asked a reason why you are canceling the trip. You should only cancel a trip request if it is absolutely necessary.

How do reservations in advance work for the driver?

Clients can book trips in advance. When the time for a reservation comes up, the closest driver will be dispatched with a 20 minute notice. You must be online and near the client’s pickup location at the time of the notice.

If I drive an SUV, can I pick up Sedan trips?

Yes, but if you do, the trips are charged at the Sedan rate and not at the SUV rate. You will have the option to accept the Sedan trip at the applicable rate.

Is JabiCar legal?

Absolutely Yes! JabiCar is a technology provider and not a direct transportation provider. But unlike most TNCs (Transportation Network Companies) like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, who employ non-professional drivers using personal cars that are typically unlicensed and not commercially-insured, Jabi ONLY contracts with professional drivers who have properly licensed, permitted, and commercially-insured Sedans and SUVs in the jurisdictions in which they operate.

If I have other questions, what do I do?

Just contact our support team at We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Still need more information? Please contact us at